10 Tips to Land a Job in Marketing

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Young businesswoman explaining graph to business team. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Marketing jobs are very competitive. At times, completing an internship or having a private contact opens the door for you in marketing and hence an upper hand when you go for an interview.

You should note that, securing your dream job in this competitive market will be more complex than having a good contact. You will not only need to attend conferences for networking but you should also use social media- LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter to enhance your knowledge in marketing and corporate sponsorship.

Here are the tips that will help you break into marketing:

  • Good resume

Hiring managers prefer people who are results oriented. Does your resume portray results? Indicate the numbers. Were you able to outdo your sales goals? How many more Facebook followers were you able to attract in your previous marketing job?

There should be solid proof of your skills that indicate you can make an immediate impact when hired. Your resume should be your selling point.

  • Willingness to move around

It is always important to settle at some place, but if your future career lies in marketing you can never limit yourself to your local area’s few organizations. Climbing the ladder is never easy and if you want to move up, you have to go for opportunities, so you must prepared to move and compete for the available chance.

Hence, you will not necessarily be able to choose your settling place as you are advancing in your chosen career. In a marketing career, you should be prepared and willing to travel.

  • Invest in yourself

Who you know in marketing matters a lot. Networking is very important. You should be able to invest in yourself by attending association conferences, and attend any local events where you can meet professionals in a similar industry to yours. You should not only learn new things, but also increase your network width and depth with influential people in the field. These people may turn out to be very important at some point in your career.

  • Diversify yourself with technology

Depending on your program, you may have used some marketing tools for assignments. If needed, get familiar with marketing automation software and SEO tools on your own time. This will show your dedication to learn and at least a little software experience before getting a job.

  • Internship program

There are numerous organizations, institutions and agencies in the industry. These entities hire interns each year to support their marketing operations. Although gaining an internship in marketing is highly competitive, it is a very important step to eventually secure a job in marketing. Your internship experience is vital for you to break into a marketing job.

  • Leverage LinkedIn

A LinkedIn account is vital, it lets the people you contact know about you, so if you don’t have one, set up a LinkedIn profile. For instance, if you’re applying for a marketing job in an organization where your colleague knows the hiring manager, you can see if he/she can introduce you. Even if they don’t share same department a short conversation can lead to some insight which can prove your caring nature to the hiring manager.

  • Arm yourself with a good written sample

Sometimes, marketing jobs involve intensive writing. Try setting up a blog or contribute as a guest blogger. You could write about anything from hobbies to marketing. For instance, what are the benefits of marketing in the modern world? How can you create an outstanding Facebook page? Why is social media a better platform for marketing in your industry?

  • Know the field

Subscribe to blogs and marketing publications, follow leaders in the industry on social media, and business news. This will keep you up to date on current events and issues in the industry. This will also help you connect with an interviewer.

  • Know your interviewer

You should find out in advance precisely who your interviewer will be. It is usually no secret, ask and you will be told. You can find their biography in LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites; it is negligent to be unaware of people you are dealing with. Find out about the backgrounds of all the interviewers in the marketing interview panel. What do they enjoy? This will help you make an immediate connection with them. These extra details will smooth the running of your marketing interview.

  • Do something CRAZY

You should do something crazy and not stupid. Don’t be like everyone else. Be different and help make them notice the potential in you that can make them give you the marketing job. Stand out. Be unique and not stupid. You can send a giant box to the hiring manager or CEO of the company with your resume inside. Do something for them to remember your name.

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