SOMPost Newsletter – May 2023

What We’re Excited About

The Yale SOM 2023-2024 Priority Planning Period (PPP) is open through this Friday, May 19th!

Whether recruiting next academic year on-campus, at your office, or virtually, please submit all of your plans in 12twenty. Requests will be reviewed after the close of the PPP and scheduling confirmations will be sent starting May 30th. Moving forward, event and interview requests made after May 19 will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Read through our PPP Kickoff letter to get started!  

If you have current hiring needs, submit job postings and/or engagement event requests into 12twenty now.  All will be visible to graduating students, rising second-year MBAs, alumni, and incoming students across degree programs.

Don’t Miss This!

Visit our re-designed website for easy access to recruiting resources designed to support you through all stages of the recruitment process, the latest SOMPost newsletter, and more!

  • Get to know Yale SOM with the degree program summary, student perspectives on recruiting, and our guide to planning a successful recruiting strategy.
  • Connect with students via a direct link to 12twenty and information on sponsoring student clubs and conferences.
  • Planning to visit Evans Hall? Don’t miss our updated catering guide and wayfinding resources to make your trip to New Haven a smooth one!

CDO Summer 2023 Tips

…for immediate hiring

  • Submit summer 2023 job postings and recruiting engagements directly into 12twenty for immediate visibility to all current students and alumni, including those graduating May 22.
  • Access resume books of still-seeking students/ recent graduates and use filters to find your ideal candidates, then reach out to them!

…for 2024 hiring

  • Submit summer 2023 recruiting engagements directly into 12twenty so we can promote to both returning second year MBAs now and to incoming students across degrees starting June 7.
  • Share your early-career opportunities! This is an especially active time for full-time opportunities for early-career candidates who often recruit for analyst/ post-undergraduate roles. At Yale SOM, this includes students in the GBS, Asset Management and Silver Scholar MBA masters programs.

Key Dates

May 19 | Priority Planning Period for Yale SOM recruiting 2023-2024 closes
May 22 | Class of 2023 Commencement

By Rebecca Lineberry
Rebecca Lineberry Employer Partnerships Strategist