Strategy & Biz Ops Getting Started Guide

Strategy & Biz Ops Getting Started Guide was originally published on RocketBlocks.

The Strategy & Biz Ops Getting Started Guide

A detailed introduction to tech biz ops roles written by 3 biz ops leaders with experience at LinkedIn, Twitter & Asana

Kenton Kivestu, ex-Google, ex-BCG, RocketBlocks FounderPublishled: December 28, 2020

Over the last decade, the strategy & biz ops function at tech companies has exploded in popularity!

From big tech companies like Google to rising unicorn startups, like Asana and Gusto, biz ops is becoming a critical part of how companies strategize, plan and execute.

An introduction to tech strategy & biz ops roles by leaders from Twitter, Asana, LinkedIn and Gusto.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is written specifically for people who want to learn all about the role and opportunity. Throughout the course of the guide, we’ll focus on answering key questions such as:

Where does the content come from?

This content comes directly from expert strategy & biz ops practioniers with experience at LinkedIn, Twitter, Gusto, Disney, Asana and Walmart Labs between them.

They’ve pooled together their collective wisdom of over 20+ years of experience, organized it into an easy to follow guide (outline to the left) and made it available to you 100% for free.

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