Class of 2023 Career Advisor Advice

What was the most impactful career resource you took advantage of at SOM?

  • The SOM community itself! They supported me when I was co-creating my MBA Tech Ethics Guide. Tech Club leadership were very receptive to allowing us embed it into their official curriculum and creating a new club focused on Tech & Society. I wouldn’t have been able to create this and feel more confident about pursuing a career in this field without the SOM community’s continued support.
  • I think the coaching sessions were really helpful – just to make sure that I was staying on track and staying sane, in addition to reviewing my cover letters and helping me write emails when I had a trickier ask. Just knowing that I had people to talk to about all of this, even with a non-traditional career path, was really great!
  • Coffee chats with 2Ys, coaching sessions
  • Alumni network and club resources
  • Coaching sessions, rocketblocks, alumni chats
  • Second years
  • Rocketblocks (for consulting recruiting), coaching sessions for resume/cover letter review
  • The structured professional clubs and CDO are wonderful resources that can help students to tap into every industry
  • Rocketblocks was super helpful in getting up to speed on casing
  • Coffee chat other students!
  • Alumni network, Coffee chats
  • Tech Club Curriculum, Alumni Network and Coffee Chats
  • Exponent and Rocketblocks
  • Exponent was amazing!
  • Coffee chats
By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching