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  • Recruiting at the MBA-level (and beyond) in the US is a highly network-driven process. Recommendations from people outside of recruiters and hiring managers matters. This means:
    • Having advocates who know you well enough to vouch for your interest, skills, and likeability either within their own organization or to another close contact who’s hiring.
    • Having long-term contacts who will think of you when a job opens in their organization or their network’s organization.
  • So, how do you network? Check out information on Expanding Your Network on the CDO website and/or make a coaching appointment in CMS to learn more.

  • When we get this question, the first thing we ask back is: How long ago did you reach out? In this busy world, it can often taken days to hear back, even if your contact is genuinely interested in connecting. If it’s been less than a week, the general recommendation is to wait to follow up unless there is a strict timeline. After that, follow up once, and then, if you still don’t hear back, let it go and see if you can connect with someone else.
  • The second question to ask is: Do you have the right contact and did you send the right information? Double check with a reliable source to make sure that you’re reaching out to the right person for the right request. If you write an email about connecting with an alum to learn more about working as a product manager to a product marketing manager, they may feel that you’ve reached out by mistake.
  • Still not sure? Drop by Open Hours with quick questions or make an appointment with a coach in CMS.

  • Step 1 is focus on your own goals and start working towards those goals now through goal clarification, research, and networking.
  • Step 2 is strengthen your network.
    • Find 2Y MBAs and recent graduates who recruited / are recruiting in your industry of interest using the Who Went Where Documents and set up coffee chats to learn more about their career journey.
    • Find SOM Alumni in your industry of interest through LinkedIn and SOM Connect.
    • Reconnect with friends and other contacts from your undergrad / other degree programs / previous employers who are now working in your industry of interest.
    • Connect with Alumni from your undergrad / other degree programs working in your industry of interest.
    • Start Building Your Target list and use LinkedIn to build networks.

  • The short answer is yes and no.
  • If you’re part of a very structured process, like Investment Banking or Consulting, the professional clubs will have good advice on when to reach out and who to reach out to, so it is advisable to follow club guidance in reaching out.
  • If you’re pursuing other industries, then make sure you have your materials prepared (resume, story, LinkedIn) and you know what specifically you’re looking to achieve before reaching out.
  • If you’re not really sure how networking works in this context, check out the Expand Your Network page and career videos. 2Y MBA’s and coaching appointments can also be a good resource to learn more.

  • Your pace may not be as intense as your peers who are in the middle of recruiting, but now is the time to make sure you’ve done the research and have the networks you’ll need for future success. Having accepted an offer is not enough to ensure that you’ll achieve your goals.
  • We recommend that you:
    • Build out your network, both in the company you’ll be working for and industry more broadly.
    • Build out your network here at Yale to make connections that will last into future career steps.
    • Do research ahead of time on your industry, role, and specific company, so that you can show your value.
    • Build skills to prepare for the role, so you can hit the ground running with your peers.
    • Think strategically about what you want to gain from this role and how it relates to long-term goals.
By Audrey Hupp
Audrey Hupp Associate Director of Operations and Program Manager, Career Education & Coaching