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November is a great time to think about your career. It’s a time of reflection and gratitude as well as the beginning of the season of holiday get-togethers – great for fun as well as clarifying what’s important to you and reconnecting with acquaintances near and far. As you head into the end of the year, check out the CDO website including blogs and job-search guides and/ or make an appointment with a CDO coach to clarify your goals, strategy, and next steps. Whether you’re looking to promote where you are or make a big a change, the CDO is here for you. Don’t miss the CDO Career Guides, including Your Resume, Your Cover Letter, and more found on the CDO website.

Positioning Yourself for a Promotion: A Fresh Approach to Resume Updates

When the opportunity for an internal promotion arises, the path to success may seem familiar, yet it requires a unique approach. Unlike crafting a resume for an external job hunt, where you present your achievements to an unfamiliar audience, an internal promotion involves showcasing your growth and accomplishments to an employer who’s already well-acquainted with your work history. You hold a distinct advantage; your organization knows you and your alignment with its culture. Moreover, your commitment to staying within the company is evident. How can you effectively update your resume for this pivotal moment? Your updated resume should serve as …

Everyone Says “Follow Your Passion”​ – Here’s How to Actually Do It

Working with career changers, I’m struck by how little mileage these job seekers get out of conventional wisdom: Because even though these maxims look sharp on a motivational poster, they ignore some pretty basic issues: What if I don’t know what my passion is? What if my purpose isn’t hiring right now? So to put some actual muscle behind these limp sayings, here’s the step-by-step advice I give to anyone looking to make a high contrast career change. Step 1: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize The most critical step in your career journey is the first one: Knowing where to …

EMBA Career Resources

Rocketblocks [Current Students]

An interactive, skills-based platform that helps current students students prepare for case interviews, including consulting, product management, analytics, product marketing, and strategy & biz ops case prep and behavioral interviews.  You can also visit the RocketBlocks YouTube channel and join their Slack Community. Register your account using your @yale.edu email address. Also, input the Yale SOM school code (follow link below for code) for free access. View the 2023 Rocketblock Interviewing and Platform Overview for Yale SOM here.

Wall Street Prep [Current Students]

Provides a catalog of online finance prep courses, such as self-study Excel, financial modeling, and technical interview prep courses. Visit the Wall Street Prep YouTube for a sample of courses available.

By Audrey Hupp
Audrey Hupp Associate Director of Operations and Program Manager, Career Education & Coaching