8 strategies for students and recent grads to stand out when applying to jobs

8 strategies for students and recent grads to stand out when applying to jobs was originally published on College Recruiter.

In a highly competitive job market, standing out is crucial. We asked eight professionals, including a Chief Human Resources Officer and a Head of Growth, to share their unique strategies. From harnessing the power of cover letters to telling a compelling career story, here are their insightful responses.

Harness the Power of Cover Letters

Don’t forget to send a cover letter when applying for a job. Cover letters are still best submitted together with a resume when applying for a job. They are a great way to further explain your skills and experiences and how these can help you complete the tasks stated in the job description.

Cover letters can also be a great way to fully introduce yourself and what you can do for the company. They can be a great way to catch the attention of the hiring committee prior to the interview. This is very important, as it may lead to your inclusion on the list of people for the interview. Hence, submit a cover letter unless stated otherwise.

Steven Mostyn, Chief Human Resources Officer, Management.org

Establish a Strong Online Presence

In today’s digital age, personal branding and an online portfolio are critical to standing out in a competitive job market. I have created a strong online presence by developing a personal website and using social media to highlight my work and experience.

To use this technique, start by developing a personal website or blog that promotes your professional accomplishments, projects, and ideas in your sector. Make sure your LinkedIn page is up-to-date and accurately represents your personal brand.

Share papers, case studies, or films showing your knowledge. Consistency is essential. Maintain an active and professional presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and industry-specific forums. Take part in debates and share useful content. This establishes you as a thought leader and allows you to network with specialists in your field.

Timothy Allen, Sr. Corporate Investigator, Corporate Investigation Consulting

Showcase Your Versatility and Adaptability

To stand out in a competitive job market, I emphasized my adaptability and versatility as a candidate. I demonstrated a broad range of abilities, including both hard and soft skills. Assess your skills and discover areas where you may increase your experience before using this technique.

Develop your soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and project management, even if your field is highly technical. In contrast, if you are in a people-oriented profession, develop your technical abilities. Highlight these different abilities on your resume and in interviews.

Employers frequently look for applicants who can wear many hats and adapt to changing conditions. By displaying your capacity to thrive in numerous parts of a job, you become a more valued and appealing candidate. Share examples during interviews that show your versatility and adaptability, such as times when you successfully took on new duties.

Claire Jill Parker, Director of Business Management, GoVisaFree

Tailor Your Job Application

In my experience, personalized job applications are pivotal in excelling in a competitive job market. At our company, we’ve recognized that adopting a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t suffice. Instead, I’ve learned that carefully scrutinizing the job description and aligning your qualifications with the specific skills and requirements sought by the employer is the way to go.

By tailoring your resume and cover letter to accentuate your pertinent experiences and proficiencies that directly correspond with the job prerequisites, you exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for the role.

This approach not only simplifies the recruiter’s task of assessing your suitability for the position, but it also underscores your dedication. Drawing on my journey, I’ve realized that this strategy is a game-changer when vying with many applicants. It magnifies your commitment, significantly elevating your likelihood of securing your desired job.

Nick Edwards, Managing Director, Snowfinders

Identify and Brand Your Unique Strengths

Take some time to assess your skills, experiences, and qualities that make you stand out from other candidates. What are your unique strengths, talents, and expertise? Knowing what sets you apart is crucial.

Your personal brand is the image and reputation you present to potential employers. Create a personal brand statement that reflects your strengths, values, and career goals. This should be a concise and interesting message that defines who you are as a professional.

Tailor your resume, cover letter, and online profiles (LinkedIn, personal website) to align with your personal brand. Use keywords and examples that showcase your unique strengths and experiences. Highlight specific achievements that show your value.

Tyler Guffey, CEO, Sycamore Net

Invest in Continuous Learning

In my experience, in a highly competitive job market, it’s imperative to invest in your skills by pursuing relevant certifications or courses. At our company, we’ve seen that employers truly value candidates dedicated to personal and professional growth.

This investment not only enriches your knowledge and expertise but also underscores your unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of your field.

By acquiring certifications or engaging in courses that align precisely with your desired job’s requirements, you exhibit a proactive approach to skill development.

It differentiates you from other candidates, showcasing your willingness to do what it takes to excel in your role. From my perspective, continual learning and upskilling are integral in staying competitive and securing the job you aspire to.

Leonidas  Sfyris, CTO, Need A Fixer

Optimize Your LinkedIn for Personal Branding

In my experience navigating the competitive job market, I’ve learned that cultivating a robust personal brand is a game-changer. It sets you apart as a standout professional. At our company, we place great emphasis on this strategy.

It starts with optimizing your LinkedIn profile to create a lasting first impression. I’ve found that using a professional headshot and crafting an eye-catching headline reflecting your expertise is key.

Your summary should highlight your unique value proposition and career aspirations. Sharing thought-leadership content, like articles, posts, or comments on industry-related topics, positions you as a knowledgeable and passionate expert in your field.

Engaging in conversations, networking with peers, and following relevant organizations is a must to boost your online presence.

Nilesh Rakholia, Director, Abelini

Tell a Compelling Career Story

In a competitive job market, I focused on crafting a compelling narrative about my career journey. I shared my experiences through blogs and social media, highlighting the challenges I’d overcome and the lessons I’d learned.

This strategy helped me connect with employers who resonated with my story. My advice is to embrace storytelling, showcase your unique path, and let your passion shine through. It can make you memorable in a sea of applicants.

Michael Chen, Head of Growth, Notta

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