Silver Scholars: June To-Do List

Week of June 3

  • June 3 | Look for an invitation to Vmock, CDO’s AI-driven resume review system, in your inbox
    • Upload your resume in the resume template and use the AI feedback to improve your score
    • To learn more about using Vmock for resume reviews, see this quick video
  • By June 9 | Once you have a score of 88+ in Vmock, request Network Feedback in Vmock
    • Resumes will be reviewed between June 10 – June 14
  • Log into your Career Management System (CMS) & set up your profile
  • Log into the Yale SOM Slack Workspace (separate from the Admissions Slack Workspace), add CDO industry Slack channels, and introduce yourself in the #cdo-coaches channel

Week of June 10

  • June 10 | One-on-one coaching appointments open in CMS
    • We encourage attending the Your CDO Partnership session before making a one-on-one coaching appointment
  • June 13 | Your CDO Partnership session live session, 9:30AM – 10:30AM ET
    • Zoom information will be in your calendar
  • June 14 | Ask Coaches Anything live session, 9:00AM – 10:00AM ET

Week of June 17

  • June 19 | Industry Overviews & Timelines recording available for review

Week of June 24

  • June 26 | Understanding Your Job Search live session, 9AM – 10AM ET
    • Zoom information will be in your calendar
  • June 28 | Ask Coaches Anything live session, 12:00PM – 1:00PM ET

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By Audrey Hupp
Audrey Hupp Associate Director of Operations and Program Manager, Career Education & Coaching