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How to Deal with a Job Offer While You’re Still Interviewing

If you’ve been particularly industrious when it comes to your job search you might be feeling overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, and interviews, but what happens when you receive a job offer while you’ve got a bunch of other post-interview …

By Firsthand
We help applicants, students, job-seekers and professionals like you find the right career path using the power of firsthand experiences.
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How Do You Get a Job After Being Self-Employed for 20 Years?

Self-employment offers many benefits.

Not only can you set your own hours, but you can also prioritize the work that interests you most. However, working for yourself also has its drawbacks. Operating your own business can be risky and unstable …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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How to leverage your skills to land jobs on LinkedIn

These days, employers and recruiters are equally, if not more, interested in a candidate’s abilities than where they’ve worked or studied. For job seekers, that means it’s more important than ever to properly market a skillset on LinkedIn, a place …

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Director, Career Education and Coaching
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Welcome to the Yale SOM Career Development Office! We look forward to partnering with you as a student, alum, and/ or employer. Career management takes work, and this site is designed to provide resources and tools to make that easier …

By Abigail R. Kies
Abigail R. Kies Assistant Dean, Career Development
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Four Authentic Ways to Convince the Interviewer You’re Not Overqualified

There are many reasons to apply for jobs that may be perceived as “steps down” from your past roles.

Maybe you’re looking for a less-demanding role so you can spend more time with family.

Perhaps you want to start your …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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