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  • Second year MBA students at Yale SOM approach full-time recruiting from a variety of experiences and perspectives. Some students may receive and accept offers from their summer internships, while others choose to pursue full-time recruiting in the spring or summer closer to their desired start date (just in time hiring). Review the General FT Recruiting Timelines below to get a better sense of when recruiting typically happens in your industries of interest.

    Some second year MBAs pursue industries and roles that exactly align with their summer internships, while other use their summer to build skills needed for pursuing a completely different path from their previous experiences.

    General FT Recruiting Timelines

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  • The first year of your MBA experience, particularly Fall Semester, is one of the busiest times in b school. It’s important to take time to reflect on who you are and what you are seeking to achieve early in the process, so that you can keep focus on your career goals amid other pressures.

    Check out the General Internship Recruiting Timelines below to get a sense of when recruiting happens in your industries of interest (keep in mind that recruiting activities typically begin at least 3-4 months before offers go out) and make an appointment with a CDO Career Coach or attend CDO Programming to get started and stay on track.

    General Internship Recruiting Timelines

    CDO Resume, Cover Letter, Story & Linked In Resource for MBA’s

  • The Silver Scholar experience is unique among b schools and requires thoughtful planning to make the most of your goals. CDO programming will get you started in the summer and targeted programming for Silver Scholars will continue throughout your first year. Silver Scholars are strongly recommended to keep in touch with CDO Career Coaches to define goals, plan for gap years, and stay on track.

    Sample Silver Scholars Timelines

    Silver Scholars Gap Time Employment Report

    CDO Resume, Cover Letter, Story & Linked In Resource for MBA’s

    Learn from the experiences of fellow Silver Scholars in the Silver Scholars Advice Series

2023 Small Business Internship Program

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The CDO has created a special fund for student internships this summer focused on for-profit internship opportunities in small businesses. This initiative is for continuing students who are still seeking internships in order to expand their search into areas and …

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