Students: Need a space for recruiting? Book an Interview Room in WebEMS
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Class of 2023 Career Advisor Advice

What was the most impactful career resource you took advantage of at SOM?

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching
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Fall Friday Highlight – Designing Your Career

Design thinking is a mindset and approach to hands-on creative problem solving, which anchors the designer (YOU!) in frameworks and exercises that favor reflection and action.

Design thinking is an excellent tool to employ at this beginning stage your career …

By Julia Bourque
Julia Bourque Career Coach
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Class of 2023 Career Advisor Advice

What advice do you have for incoming students about recruiting?

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching
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Evaluating Your Summer Experience

Whether you received an offer or not from your summer experience, the CDO is here to support your Career Development. Start by reviewing the videos below to evaluate your summer and and follow by scheduling time with a coach to …

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching
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Current Students: Reserving Rooms for Recruiting

The Interview Suite in Evans Hall is a space specifically set aside for recruiting use, and Interview Rooms are bookable by current students for individual recruiting needs when not in use for on campus recruiting.

If you have questions about …

By Audrey Hupp
Audrey Hupp Associate Director of Operations and Program Manager, Career Education & Coaching
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Career Resources

Industry Guides

Vault Career Guide to Media and Entertainment, Second Edition

The media and entertainment industry consists of movies, print, radio, television, electronic publications, and streaming video, and it offers a …

Vault Career Guide to Investment Management, Third Edition

An increasing number of people are investing their money to help pay for their future plans, whether those include paying …

Vault Career Guide to Private Equity, Fourth Edition

For those interested in a career in finance, private equity offers many rewards—but breaking in comes with many challenges. The …

Vault Career Guide to Energy, Third Edition

In the midst of an energy boom that has positioned the United States as one of the world’s top oil-producing …

Vault Career Guide to Consulting, Third Edition

Consulting is a massive, international industry with global revenues of around $506 billion. It spans human resources, business advisory services, …

Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking, Second Edition

When businesses and governments need capital, they call on investment banks for help. Investment banks intermediate between issuers of securities …

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