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Intimidating Skills List on the Job Description? Don’t Let Them Intimidate You

You’ve been sent a job description for a position that really interests you.

You’re reading the experience requested for the role, and you’re glad to see that you have most of it. But then you come to the last three …

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How Do You Get a Job After Being Self-Employed for 20 Years?

Self-employment offers many benefits.

Not only can you set your own hours, but you can also prioritize the work that interests you most. However, working for yourself also has its drawbacks. Operating your own business can be risky and unstable …

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Real Estate Investment Firms

What are Real Estate Investment Firms?

If you’ve ever purchased a single family home, you are likely already familiar with the parties involved in real estate: You have the seller (usually just a private individual like yourself), the sales agents, …

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching
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How to Get a Job: Your Ultimate Guide

Finding a job can be nerve-wracking, exciting, frustrating, exhausting, and even anxiety-inducing. Unfortunately, we’re not here to tell you it’s an easy feat to land a job you love. However, there are ways to make the job search easier (and …

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Should You Become a Product Manager in 2023?

Many tech professionals follow a product manager career path because it blends responsibilities and exciting job duties.

Product managers are often called “mini-CEOs” because of the influence they have on a company. They manage complex products and work with team …

By Exponent
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