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Negotiation Foundations

When it comes to negotiation, shifting your mindset from “a battle to be won” to “a problem-solving conversation” can improve your results dramatically. In this course, leadership coach, negotiation expert, and author Lisa Gates demonstrates the core skills of interest-based negotiation to get win-win outcomes every time. Learn a step-by-step strategy for negotiating everyday workplace issues, from asking for a raise or promotion to pitching ideas and resolving conflict. Lisa covers techniques such as diagnostic questions, anchoring, framing, and labeling, which help you navigate impasse and generate satisfaction on both sides of the bargaining table. Along the way, discover how to prepare for a negotiation, cultivate your influence, get into a zone of agreement even when you have to say “no,” and negotiate remotely over phone or email. Lisa also shares her best negotiation tips and tricks and provides worksheets to practice your skills.

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