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Strategies for Your First 90 Days in a New Job

OK, you did it. You got the job. You’re ecstatic, and you should be, but then reality sets in. Now you have to show up, prove your value, and make a real impact in your role. And with so much riding on the first ninety days, it’s easy to forget how much control you have to make it really great. Join career coach Madeline Mann and learn how to take ownership of your onboarding experience.

Explore concrete strategies to make the most of your first ninety days. Get tips on asking the right questions, maximizing your time and effort, and building out a 90-day plan with targets and key goals that define what success means for your new role. Learn about important habits and work behaviors to get you noticed along the way. Focus on developing relationships, identifying your knowledge gaps, and reaching out to your manager for support and guidance. Get the skills you need to ramp up quickly and effectively so you can set yourself up for future opportunities and promotion.

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