Rocketblocks YouTube Channel

Interview prep for tech and consulting. The RocketBlocks channel is all about helping you nail your interviews at leading companies like Google and McKinsey.

Our channel focuses on:

1) Mini-lessons: going deep on particular interview topics w/ advice and examples (e.g., How to answer “Walk me through your resume…”:    • How to answer “wa…   )
2) Mock case interviews: see what a real consulting or PM interview looks and feels like (e.g., Full Facebook PM product execution interview:    • Product execution…   )
3) Expert chats: learn about these career paths from experts at companies like Google, McKinsey, Amazon, BCG, Uber, Airbnb, Bain & more. (e.g., Succeeding in fit interviews with a McKinsey Engagement Manager:    • Demonstrating per…   )

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