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Environment & Sustainability

Explore career opportunities in the Environment & Sustainability industry!

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • “Sustainability represents some of the most challenging risks facing businesses today, as well as some of the most exciting opportunities. From climate change to income inequality, the success of business in the future will depend on how companies address these challenges and align themselves with the needs of society and the environment.” —Todd Cort, Faculty Director, Sustainability, Lecturer in Sustainability

    Students interested in the space explore roles as ESG Leaders, Sustainable Finance Managers, Enivronmental Consultants, Sustainable Supply Chain Managers and Sustainability Analysts, among others.

    Sample employers include: Accenture, BNP Paribas, Cervest, CT Green Bank, CVS Health, EDF Cimate Corp., Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Eversource, Marathon, McKinsey, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Pepsico, PVH, PWC and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

What is Sustainability?

The interest in sustainability has grown over recent years and is shared among a variety of national and international organizations, special interest groups and corporations around the world. Sustainable business practices are becoming a worldwide business requirement.

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By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Director, Career Education and Coaching
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