Yale Center for Business & the Environment

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Our mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate the transition to a just and thriving world.

CBEY connects people, ideas, and resources to foster business and cross-sector solutions to global challenges.

CBEY brings together a diverse group of students, faculty, alumni, and other participants with a shared desire to save our planet.

We believe in intersectionality, innovation, collaboration, and equity. We believe in shared power and diversity of thought.

We believe that a thriving world will take all of us, but the onus for undoing systems of oppression rests on the shoulders of the individuals who most benefit from those systems.

CBEY is committed to playing our role in removing barriers to access and success.

We are committed to doing our part and encouraging others to do the same, so the industries and organizations at the intersection of CBEY’s work can begin to reflect our increasingly diverse and ever-changing world.

We believe in our community and its power to enact change.

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