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CPG & Retail

This is a community for those interested in all areas of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG); Food, Agribusiness, and Beverage (FAB), and Retail to explore news, resources and events from the CDO, SOM Clubs and broader Yale.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • Food, Agribusiness & Beverage

  • Retail

  • Top business students can explore a number of roles in the CPG space. Traditionally known for the Brand Manager role, students have also explored roles in strategy & operations, consumer insights and business development.

    Sample employers include: ABInBev, Campbell’s, Kraft Heinz, General Mills, L’Oréal, Mattel, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo. and Unilever.

  • The Agriculture and food business industry encompasses the agribusiness system, input supplies, value-addition, marketing, microfinancing, agricultural extension and entrepreneurship.

    Students interested in the space explore a depth of research, training and experience across the food spectrum of production, safety, security and the impact of food on cultures, economics and the environment.

    Sample employers include ABInBev, Apeel Science, Campbell’s Soup, Cargil Incorporated, Costco, Danone, Diageo, E. & J. Gallo Winery , Fortify Health, General Mills, Hello Fresh, Indigo Agriculture, Kraft Heinz, Motif Foodworks, Nestle USA, Ocean Spray, Olam International, Pepsico, Restaurant Brands International, Vital Farms, Yum Brands and Whole Foods

  • Retail Management includes the study of promoting and selling products and services while increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

    Students in the Retail space explore a wide variety of roles including digital/eCommerce, strategy, marketing, corporate finance, supply chain, and buying.

    Sample employers include: Amazon, Chewy, Costco, CVS Health, Dick’s Sporting Goods, eBay, Estee Lauder, H-E-B, Home Depot, LVMH/Fresh, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Target, Under Armour, Walmart, Warby Parker, Wayfair and Whole Foods.

A Day in the Life: Assistant Brand Manager

Interested in brand management? Take a look at a typical day in the life of an assistant brand management… and get ready for a lot of meetings.

8:30 AM: Get into work. Listen to voice mails. Check e-mails. Look over …

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Product marketing management role: an introduction

Product marketing management role: an introduction
An introduction to core PMM responsibilities such as user research, positioning, product launches and driving product adoption

Anna Wiggins, ex-Google, ex-PayPal, Sr. Director PMM at BlueVinePublished: November 10, 2020

Everyone has their own definition …

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Product marketing: a day in the life of a PMM

A day in the life of a PMM
Inside look at the job of a Salesforce PMM, including key deliverables, meetings and strategies to keep learning

Al Dea, Sr. PMM at Salesforce, ex-Deloitte DigitalPublished: November 10, 2020

At some point, …

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Is Marketing a Good Career Path?

If you’re considering pursuing a marketing career, you may be wondering if marketing is a good career path. What types of jobs are in the field, and what kind of professional progress is possible? The marketing field covers an array …

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10 Tips to Land a Job in Marketing

Young businesswoman explaining graph to business team. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Marketing jobs are very competitive. At times, completing an internship or having a private contact opens the door for you in marketing and hence an upper hand when you …

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