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Recruiting Focus & Timelines

Students in the Master’s in Technology Management have specialized recruiting timelines and outcomes specific to the their program and the tech industry. Given these complexities, TM students should stay in close touch with their Program Director and Faculty Director, Professors and the Career Development Office throughout their time at Yale SOM.

CDO Coaching & Programming

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CDO Career Essentials Programming is available to TM students beginning in summer.

Past recorded programs that will be useful to TM students include:

TM Recruiting Resources

TM Resume & Cover Letter Templates
Who Went Where – find recent SOM interns and grads at companies of interest
Careernomics – find Master’s level job openings

TM Student Resources

Vault Career Guide to Information Technology
Rocketblocks – build skills for interviewing
Exponent – build skills for interviewing and learn company-specific details

20+ Free Product Management Resources

Product management is one of the hottest career paths for ambitious young professionals, with entry-level PMs receiving compensation packages of up to nearly $200,000 right out of undergrad. So, why is it such a lucrative and sought-after role?

What is …

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Continuous Learning in Tech: Strategies for Keeping Your Skills Sharp Throughout Your Career

Changes are the main characteristic of the present-day tech industry. The pace of these changes is unprecedented, and that affects our living, working, and interacting.

That is why it is so important to learn continuously.

If a person wants to …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Building Relationships at SOM: The Key to Unlocking Career Success

SOM isn’t just about academics; it’s a springboard for your dream career. One crucial element for success is building strong relationships with your classmates, professors, alumni, and industry professionals. Here’s why relationship building is so important for your job search …

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching
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Empower Your Future: Building a Strategic Career Plan

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional life, having a career roadmap is like possessing a compass in a dense forest. It guides your steps, helps you navigate challenges, and ultimately leads you toward your desired destination. 

A strategic career plan …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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An Overview of the Different Roles in Product Management

What is a Product Manager?

Product managers (PM), as the name implies, are in control of a company’s product. This involves identifying customer needs and business objectives and creating a product and product strategy that will bring these two goals …

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Career Resources

Industry Guides

Vault Guide to Case Interviews, Ninth Edition

Case interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process in the consulting industry. Designed to test an applicant’s knowledge …

The Vault Guide to Resumes and Job-Hunting Skills, Third Edition

A proper résumé and effective job-hunting skills can go a long way in getting a foot in the door. An …

Vault Guide to Networking, Second Edition

When it comes to job success, it’s not only what you know: it’s who you know. Every year employers fill …

Vault Guide to Behavioral Interviews

The Vault Guide to Behavioral Interviews contains essential tips for preparing for and acing behavioral interview questions. These questions (which …