SOMPost Newsletter – Summer 2023

A double issue with double the content as we do double-duty supporting immediate hiring needs plus fall recruiting planning.

It’s all about hiring!

Employer Partnership Managers (EPMs) are the link between employers and Yale SOM students, who serve as valuable partners to recruiters and keep a pulse on what engages students during the recruiting process.  Consider their tips as you build your engagement strategy: 

Action steps for hiring today

  • Submit job postings directly into 12twenty for immediate visibility to all students and alumni
  • Filter resumes of still-seeking recent graduates in 12twenty and reach out directly to potential candidates  

Top tips for hiring this Fall

Maximize the value of your recruiting efforts:

  • Make your time with students count. Focus on building interpersonal connections by answering student questions and sharing why you love where you work, what you do, and the impact you have.  
  • Be transparent. Share how students can connect with colleagues/hiring managers, what to expect during the recruiting and interview process, and how to succeed as a candidate at your organization.  
  • Show students the love!  Use 12twenty resume books and email outreach to personally invite students to connect early in the recruiting process, attend your upcoming event, or to apply to your role. Or sponsor a student club to show support for students while also strengthening your recruiting brand at Yale SOM.

Make recruiting logistics work for you and students:

  • Post your role directly in 12twenty. This easy, no-cost effort reaches students daily via system notifications and highlights your active interest in Yale SOM applicants.  
  • Open up personalities, not PowerPoint. Schedule time with students in Q&A sessions, networking, and coffee chats – not in a slideshow. Instead, share this reference material via email, your CDO liaison, or online.
  • Event details matter to attract registration. Use a clear and engaging event name to pique student interest.  Include event cadence and what students can expect to learn in the event description.
    • Julia’s Bakery – Whip Up Success!
    • Julia’s Bakery – Corporate Presentation  
  • Wait on using a waitlist. Interview waitlists turn eager candidates into resigned ones and dampen the candidate experience – don’t use a waitlist unless no more interviews truly can be scheduled (a rarity with virtual interviews). If you are unsure of a candidate, work hard to extend an interview invitation. This creates an excited candidate who may just become an eager and successful colleague!  

>> To hear EPMs in their own voices, check out this video from Recruiters Day!

Yale SOM Recruiting Toolkit

Bookmark our refreshed website as a library of resources to support your Yale SOM recruiting efforts. 

Planning Tools

Recruiters Day Videos

Important Hotlinks

Key Dates

Below are key dates for Fall 2023 recruitment planning. But first, to address a frequently asked question: 

Fall 2023 Key Recruiting Dates:

Ongoing | Accepting Summer ’23, Fall ’23 and Spring ’24 recruiting requests via 12twenty

Aug 14 | Spring ’24 Graduating Student Resume Book published 

Aug 30 | Fall 1 classes in session for all degrees

Sept 11 | MBA 1Y Student Resume Book published

Sept 18 | CDO-coordinated MBA 1Y recruiting events begin 

Nov 30 | Earliest offer decision deadline for full-time roles

By Rebecca Lineberry
Rebecca Lineberry Employer Partnerships Strategist