SOMPost Newsletter – March 2024

We want to hear from you! As our CDO team is reviewing and planning for the launch of the 2024-2025 recruiting season, we invite you to connect with us to share feedback on your experiences partnering with us this year. Reach out to your Employer Partnerships Manager or email to share thoughts or set up a time to connect.

Stay tuned to the April issue of SOMPost for the official kickoff to the 2024-2025 recruiting season and priority planning!

Talk ‘clean and green’ with Yale SOM on March 27!

Join us on March 27 for this virtual networking event, focused on clean energy and green-related full-time and internship opportunities!

This event is open to employers with full-time and/or internship hiring needs and Yale SOM students from all degree programs, at no cost.

More ways to connect with Yale SOM students

Identify top candidates faster with help from the CDO

You post the job and pick a date, we market to students and schedule applicants for screening interviews. Benefit from minimal logistics and a quick turnaround from application to introducing top candidates into your internal interview process!  Click to learn more

Download free resume books in 12twenty

Filter resume books based on your preferred criteria to identify top potential candidates. Then, reach out directly to the students with your job description and an invitation to connect.

Register for multi-school career fairs

Ivy+ Virtual Multi-School Career Fair | Thursday, April 11 

Upcoming notable dates at Yale SOM

March 11-22 | Spring Break

March 25 | Spring 2 classes begin

March 29 | Yale University Offices (including CDO) closed

Visit the Yale SOM Recruiting Policies and Recruiting Calendar for all key dates.

By Rebecca Lineberry
Rebecca Lineberry Employer Partnerships Strategist