For some organizations, the best (sometimes only) way to engage is through diversity conferences

The CDO reaches out and develops recruiting relationships with a variety of organizations across industries; these organizations ultimately choose to connect and engage with students in a variety of ways. Some come to campus to recruit Yale SOM students. Some invite Yale SOM students to virtual sessions. But some only connect with students through diversity conferences. Organizations make these decisions based on a number of factors, such as:

  • Overall number of students expected to hire
  • Internal resources dedicated to recruiting broadly, to core schools, etc.
  • Size and availability of alumni to lead an alumni recruiting team
  • Resources targeted on recruiting as a part of DEI initiatives

The result is that participating in diversity conferences can serve as a great avenue to connect with organizations that otherwise would require a more self-directed approach (which the CDO is always happy to help you craft!). Click here to view the list of such employers (as of September 26, 2023) that are participating in the upcoming ROMBA, MBA Veterans and Prospanica conferences. In the event you cannot attend one of the conferences in person (academics, expenses, etc.), work with a CDO coach; there are ways to leverage the conference as a resource to still make connections with these employers.

By Rebecca Stekloff
Rebecca Stekloff Director, Employer Partnerships