Rocketblocks Tech Deep Dive: Netflix-specific drills

Did you know that RocketBlocks has company-specific content? It’s true! 

Our philosophy has always been to start with the foundational skills that companies are hiring for (e.g. structured thinking, analysis, communication, etc.). Once those fundamentals are locked down, practice company/industry-specific drills, such as these Netflix-centric questions and skills, which are available to subscribers of our Analytics and Product Management modules: 

  • Market Sizing – How many API requests to stream a piece of content via Roku do you think Netflix gets daily?
  • NetFilm Profitability – A full consulting case designed to address a profitability drop for NetFilm.
  • Acquisition Cost Analysis – Given the data below, how do you calculate the acquisition cost per subscriber by channel?
  • Churn rate analysis – Calculate the monthly customer churn rate and revenue churn rate based on the data.
  • Trial Conversion analysis – Calculate the average number of sessions per day for these two cohorts.

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By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching