Two simple steps to help employers find you! 

Just this week, recruiters from Alumni Ventures Group, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Sky Harbour Group downloaded Yale SOM resumes from CMS – did they find you? Are you ready for new employers that will search the resume books for candidates next week? 

Your CMS profile and the CMS resume books are powerful and easy tools to aid your job search. Employers and the CDO Employer Partnerships Team use filters to identify candidates for roles – so far this year the CDO has shared over 150 resume books! Behind-the-scenes, your CMS profile feeds these filters.  

For example, an employer may filter the All Graduating Students Resume Book by students who have experience in brand/product management and a desire to work in pharmaceuticals. The only resumes the recruiter will see are for students that meet these two criteria.  

Note: employers never see your profile. They only see your resume! 

To ensure you are found by employers: 

Step 1: Upload your most current resume to the appropriate resume book  

  • CMS>Resume Books>open target book>Select “Upload” in upper right corner 

Step 2: Update your CMS profile to accurately reflect your current experiences, desires, language skills, and more. 

If you have any questions, email or stop by Open Hour. 

By Rebecca Stekloff
Rebecca Stekloff Director, Employer Partnerships