Tech industry recruiting tools for your job search

With tech companies eliminating up to 50% of their recruiters and 48% of their HR staff, it is easy to say that the process of tech recruiting has consolidated.  Some major tech firms have created processes to keep you aware of open roles as they are listed publicly, including the examples outlined below.  Leverage these approaches as part of your job search to stay aware of available roles at these companies!

  • Amazon:  Create an account, go to Preferences > Settings > Email re: latest job opportunities.  This feature does not appear to allow you to filter by your preferences but can keep you updated on all newly listed roles.
  • Apple: Refer to the folder/magnifying glass on Apple’s job listing page to create your own saved search.
  • Google: Sign up for an email alert by logging into your Google account, going to their career portal, and clicking on Your Career > Job Alerts.
  • IBM: Stay aware of career opportunities via this feature within their job portal.  From here, you can select areas of interest for future notifications.
  • Meta: Go to their careers page and log into your account.  Once on the landing page, click on your name and, from the dropdown menu, click on ‘Job Alerts’.
  • Microsoft:  Log into your Microsoft account from their career portal.  Click on ‘Job Alerts’ and search according to your preferred criteria.  You can make up to 10 saved searches.

While these approaches speak to some of the bigger tech firms, smaller tech firms shouldn’t be overlooked either as I anticipate many just-in-time opportunities becoming available throughout the spring.

By Brian Frenette
Brian Frenette Employer Partnerships Manager