Combating Burnout with Mindfulness

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight or because of one event. It is the result of many events, conditions, and stressful situations building on one another over time. The number of individuals experiencing burnout and stress have increased in recent years. Signs include difficulty concentrating, fatigue, lack of motivation, and poor mood. In this course from Chill Anywhere, learn how mindfulness can help you manage stress and burnout by becoming more resilient to the stressors in your life that lead to burnout. Explore how self-awareness can improve your ability to detect and counter signs of burnout. Find out how to build resistance, and dive into the importance of feeling emotions, setting boundaries, and taking “me” time. Plus, discover how to find the good in situations and how this key skill can improve your capacity to fight burnout.

This course was created by Chill Anywhere. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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