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How to Use StrengthsFinder to Find Your Perfect Career

Did you spend last January trying to get better at stuff?

If so, how did that work out? 🙂

Here’s a better way to make your new year’s resolutions actually pay off: Play to your strengths.

Join Dr. Lee Koles from …

By Break Into Tech
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Fall Friday Highlight – Designing Your Career

Design thinking is a mindset and approach to hands-on creative problem solving, which anchors the designer (YOU!) in frameworks and exercises that favor reflection and action.

Design thinking is an excellent tool to employ at this beginning stage your career …

By Julia Bourque
Julia Bourque Career Coach
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Class of 2023 Career Advisor Advice for 1YMBA

What advice would you provide to an incoming student about first semester fall?

By Mike Minutoli
Mike Minutoli Senior Director, Career Education and Coaching
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What Is Professional Development (and Why Does It Matter)?

School may be over, but learning is a lifelong process, especially if you want to move up the career ladder. Professional development plays a huge role in helping you advance in your chosen career. But what is professional development, and …

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Take Our Quiz | What’s Your Workplace Communication Style?

Even when we’re speaking the same language, we all communicate a little differently. Some people offer short, straightforward responses or explanations while others might add a ton of detail.

Knowing your own communication style—and learning to adapt to different styles—can …

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