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Should You Become a Product Manager in 2023?

Many tech professionals follow a product manager career path because it blends responsibilities and exciting job duties.

Product managers are often called “mini-CEOs” because of the influence they have on a company. They manage complex products and work with team …

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Culture fit interview questions

Culture fit interview questions

Pedro Abreu, Senior Associate, Sales Strategy & Operations at LinkedInPublished: February 23, 2022

Key traits | How to prep | What to avoid | Example questions

Cultural fit interviews are extremely important. Companies are trying to match their own …

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How to Find and Reach Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

While recruiters work to help companies fill their open roles, they can also help you — the job seeker — connect with roles you might be interested in and a good fit for. According to Jobscan, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to …

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How to Improve Work-Life Balance

If someone asked, “What is work-life balance?” you’d probably say something about spending equal time at work and home. But if they asked you how to improve work-life balance, you might not know what to say. After all, a lot …

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4 Virtual Networking Tips for Your Job Search

Networking isn’t just about finding a job. Strategic and effective networking can help you gain insights about yourself, and can be a source of support and strength as you navigate the peaks and valleys of a job search. Building relationships …

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